Why KohlsFeedback?

Have you ever shopped at Kohls’s? I had an amazing experience that you want to share, or you have a problem with the business or the product and you need help with the problem, or you have a complaint about it. Don’t worry, in this article we explain how to complete the Kohl’s customer survey at Kohl’s stores to receive Kohl’s coupons.

The Kohl Satisfaction Survey provides customers the opportunity to provide company feedback on their shopping experience at www.kohlsfeedback.com and obtain the Kohl 10 Code No-Code Survey.
KohlsFeedback survey is about your shopping experience in your retail store and has many points on which you can share your thoughts. Research conducted at Kohlslistens includes the following:

  • The price of the products you bought in the store.
  • The team’s behavior towards you and others, and how they help in business.
  • Services are provided by counter staff.
  • The cleanliness and hygiene of the store.
  • More questions about the Kohl store.


Kohl’s goal is to improve the overall experience of its customers in its branches by collecting their opinions and reflecting on them through these surveys. After purchasing items from Kohl, you still need to complete a survey as this gives you the opportunity to earn rewards or discount codes that can be redeemed at the point of sale.
However, after completing the Kohl Buyer Survey, the customer has a chance to win the Kohl Coupon and receive up to a 10% discount on their next purchase. Next, complete the Kohls Customer Experience Survey at www.Kohlsfeedback.com after completing the short and easy online questionnaire.
Upon request, they would like to receive a reminder of your visit to a cabbage store near you. Now you have to tell them everything that happens when you are in the store. Educate them on the quality of the product, on the behavior of the employees, and the quantity of the product, in the area around the store. About the price.